About Us

DSS-podcasterDamon Saylor

With big-name tech employers like Apple and Facebook on his resume, Damon is the instigator of the TechTea podcast.  In other words, he’s the one who uttered the phrase that starts any endeavor, “Hey, you know what we should do is…”

Damon is most likely to weigh in or be the expert on hardware, Apple products, design, photography, Facebook, and is the “heart” of the podcast.

When he’s not podcasting, Damon spends his time making photos at www.damon.photos


MJC-podcasterMichael J. Coffey

The biggest irony in Michael’s life is that Mr. Coffey doesn’t drink coffee.  Instead, he’s the founder of Tea Geek, and has been training people and offering individuals and groups classes about various aspects of tea.  When he’s not teaching about tea, though, he’s helping small businesses with their online marketing as a digital strategist.

Michael will side with Android and PC, Google+, and cover the business side of things.  He’s the “head” of the podcast, being all data and logic.

When he’s not podcasting, Michael is helping small businesses with their digital marketing strategy at www.ardeacoaching.com, and doing tea consulting at www.teageek.net