Tech Tea 003: My Cup Is Bigger On The Inside

Tea: Doctor’s Blend.  Damon and Michael touch on virtual reality again, then discuss their mutual love of Myst and what games they’re playing these days or anticipating in the coming months.  Michael tells when he’d rather have analog tools over technology, and Damon reports on how his analog and digital photography compare.  Plus: Godzilla, questionable TV choices, conspiracy and collusion, alien critters trying to find mates, and the release date for ancient game of Go.

This episode was brought to you by Friday Afternoon Tea.  Use coupon code TechTeaTime for “buy two, get one free” on 2-ounce bags of loose tea.  They’ve got lots of themed blends, so even if you’re not a Doctor Who fan, you can find other blends:

  • TV/film blends (e.g., “Cylons for Breakfast”)
  • Gamer/Geek culture (maybe Damon should drink “Ranger Blend” while he plays World of Warcraft or Overwatch), or
  • Literature (“Darcy’s Blend”)
  • …as well as un-blended teas of various types.  Perhaps you’d rather have Makaibari Estate Darjeeling with nothing mixed in.  That’s covered by the coupon code, too!

Show notes

Our theme music was written by Lisa Purdy. You can contact Damon and Michael (and even pass along a message to Lisa if you’d like her to make some music for you) by visiting the Contact Us page on

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