Tech Tea 009: Secret Tea Machine

Giant teapot at the Northwest Tea Festival

Tea: Zi Juan Purple Leaf Sheng Puer.  Damon and Michael change things up and take a field trip to the Northwest Tea Festival.  Technology mentioned includes drain tables, steaming vs. wok-fired processing methods, non-drip teapots, matcha grinders, gaiwans, mulch, superabsorbent materials, mini tea factories, remote-controlled tea farming …and a secret tea machine!  Also: appearances by Friday Elliott, Jason Chen, Michael’s students Asher and Sarah, Cinnabar Wright, Elyse Petersen, James Norwood Pratt, Rajah Banerjee, and Nigel Melican.

This episode was brought to you by:
Seven Cups Fine Tea: use coupon code ‘purple’ to get 25% off Zi Juan Purple Leaf 2008 and Zi Juan Purple Leaf 2011 (The 2009 lot sold out!)

Show notes

Our theme music was written by Lisa Purdy.

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