Tech Tea 012: The Jet Lag Is Real

Photo of Qi Dan (Da Hong Pao cultivar) wulong tea steeping in a gaiwan.

Tea: Qi Dan (Da Hong Pao). Damon talks about his recent trip to Japan and Michael talks about taking the long view of technology and language. Also: tea and mental powers, sources of aftertastes, empathising with old plants, getting tongue-tied, sneaking into public spaces, derailed trains (of thought), the inconvenience of having your house burn down after an EMP pulse, an ASSIGNMENT for listeners (watch the film Arrival before listening to the next episode), and sending and receiving mail.

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Show notes

Our theme music was written by Lisa Purdy.

You can contact Damon and Michael (and even pass along a message to Lisa if you’d like her to make some music for you) by visiting the Contact Us page on

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