Tech Tea 031: For All I Know He’s A Pole Dancer

Qimen Caixia "Sunrise Keemun" from, in leaf, infusion, and liquor forms

Tea: Qimen Caixia (“Sunrise Keemun”) black tea. Damon discusses tech that makes cochlear implants more versatile.  Michael looks at methodologies of language learning.  Also: little black worms, high quality science from Jurassic Park, listener assignments, taking a break, the new update for No Man’s Sky, Damon’s lack of impulse control, personal bankruptcy, going off script, the risks of playing a game in alpha, librarian glasses, Russian greetings, shout outs to San Francisco, taking business trips to ancient Rome, the new Doctor, the importance of context, and early-season Halloween costumes.

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Show notes

Our theme music was written by Lisa Purdy.

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