Tech Tea 002: Raspberry Pi

Tea: Bai Hao/Oriental Beauty.  Damon talks differential privacy and tracking.  Michael mentions the Raspberry Pi and its use in a couple of open-source style alternatives to home assistant devices.  Both show off their knowledge of sports and play the “which social media site is best” game.  Plus: shout outs, virtual reality (VR), games, and more!

This episode was brought to you by Floating Leaves Tea.  Use coupon code techtea for 30% off the 2014 Bai Hao harvest (Damon’s favorite) or the 2015 Oriental Beauty (Michael’s favorite).

Michael and Shiuwen Tai of Floating Leaves Tea
Michael and Shiuwen Tai of Floating Leaves Tea doing some serious business deals.

Show notes

Our theme music was written by Lisa Purdy. You can contact Damon and Michael (and even pass along a message to Lisa if you’d like her to make some music for you) by visiting the Contact Us page on

3 thoughts on “Tech Tea 002: Raspberry Pi”

  1. Thanks for the mention guys! And yes– you can have 15,000 followers but if none of them have any interest in seeing photos of your kids, then the same exact post on Facebook would probably do much better. Content is king, but context is even more important. The context (and culture) of every social network is different and thus hard to directly compare the same post/types of posts across platforms.

  2. This quote sums it up,

    “…you are in key communities where that content may be more popular.”

    So, a community is nothing more than a hyper contextual place to share things. Facebook, for some, is a hyper contextual place to share something, if you’ve built a contextual audience. Platform/community/group/social network doesn’t matter. Audience matters.

  3. Hey, Dustin! Thanks for the comment…and the quote!

    Yeah, and the flip side is “Damon is doing X” plays well–whether that’s posting photography or launching a podcast–with people who care about Damon, whereas even in a community of photographers, a particular individual photo might not strike a chord. A post about how that photo was taken, though, or the technical details of the camera setup, might.

    What are your thoughts on Twitter?

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