Tech Tea 016: The Miscellaneous Sounds Episode

Qimen Caixia "Sunrise Keemun" from, in leaf, infusion, and liquor forms

Tea: Qimen Caixia (“Sunrise Keemun”).  Damon talks about the shift to a new studio.  Both discuss public information as a security risk.  Michael looks at a new VR experience coming in early 2017.  Also: buzzing phones, dripping rain, spilling hot water, table bumps, echoes, rustling paper, last minute adjustments, winging it, physics, photography, sniffling, and more!

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Show notes

Our theme music was written by Lisa Purdy.

You can contact Damon and Michael (and even pass along a message to Lisa if you’d like her to make some music for you) by visiting the Contact Us page on

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