Tech Tea 017: A Bag of Mice

Leaf of Emperor's Orchid green tea from

Tea: Emperor’s Orchid (Wang  Zhe Zhi Xiang) green tea.  Damon talks about permission concerns in the hot new app, Meitu.  Michael considers the friction between different levels of technology.  Also: brown towels, InCoWriMo, Sprinting, the planet Baltimore, laptop touch screens, cutting arguments, never using Bluetooth, dongle reprogramming, putting stupid things on your face, Mahler and Mozart, video rental stores that still exist, game nights, favored tin foil brands for making hats, a monster orchid voice, and a topic for our next episode!

This episode was brought to you by:

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Show notes

Our theme music was written by Lisa Purdy.

You can contact Damon and Michael (and even pass along a message to Lisa if you’d like her to make some music for you) by visiting the Contact Us page on

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