Tech Tea 029: The Spirit of Tea

Meng Ding Mao Feng green tea from

Tea: Meng Ding Mao Feng green tea. Damon explores his own DNA and also covers new technology for the visually impaired.  Michael ponders how the future we envisioned in the 1980s differs from the future we’re living now.  Also: Finnish vs. Latin, the Spirit of Tea, spicy Chinese food, how Michael knows how long to brew tea, Mystcraft for Minecraft, external GPUs, mutants are not zombies, driving around town in a police vehicle, playing video games in a small hole, sending spit through the mail, caffeine metabolism, keeping the Milky Way in California, soulless eyes, the Jetsons, and Spiderman.

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Show notes

Our theme music was written by Lisa Purdy.

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